Funds Raised

Kerala is reeling under the worst floods in 100 years. The floods have paralyzed normal life of millions of people. Lakhs of people have been affected and thousands of victims are in desperate need of relief supplies. Flood water has washed away and damaged the homes of thousands of people in the state who are now living in relief camps and makeshift shelters. They have almost no access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation facilities. Due to waterlogged surroundings and unavailability of toilets, people are resorting to open defecation, leading to an epidemic of water-borne diseases. This will create a second disaster for people who are already suffering.

Ketto is working with many NGOs that are providing relief to people on the ground in Kerala. You can support them by starting a fundraiser for them or/and donating to the fundraisers in the "All fundraisers" tab.